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Re: Google+ Is Getting Harder And Harder To Avoid - by Selena Larson - http://readwrite.com/2014/01/10/google-plus-inescapable?awesm...
"many other useful features were demoted, withdrawn or bound to G+ "my way or highway" style. Google Talk with XMPP federation (which allowed to coexist with other ecosystems) turned off to google-only, and new users are forced to live with Hangouts. Photo albums auto backup is _only_ with G+ registration, period. Google Play means you must have G+ or go play yourself. And list goes on and on. World which consists of G+ only or primarily, and rest of internet must be suppressed - it reflects Google's only interest, not ours. No thank you. Convenience and simplicity for sake of big bro control is for [Ed.: abusive comment deleted]" ‎· silpol
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