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The Finnish prison of Saramäki - check other pics... - http://imgur.com/gallery/4UViP
"The prison of Saramäki, Turku Finland is somewhat new and modern, built in 2007. It is designed for 255, though it houses 329 on average. Inside the walls works on average 200 persons, most but not all, are corrections officers, but there also works priest, health care professionals, teachers, social workers, cooks, library workers. If the convict has a longer sentence he/she can study on welding & metal- and woodworking. Also it is possible to finish school or study courses from gymnasium (sort of pre-university) and it-courses. Of course there are the normal AA/NA/Anger management groups. The Saramäki prison is a closed facility, there are also open facilities where the prisoners only spends the nights, the days are used working or studying in the outside world in normal schools or companies." ‎· silpol
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