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#Novena is #openhardware computing platform for use as a #desktop, #laptop or #board via @crowd_supply #omakase
Very nice, except the price. ‎· 9000
you read my mind... but one might find something else on CrowdSupply :) ‎· silpol
Quad-core Cortex A9 CPU with NEON FPU @ 1.2 GHz - seems terribly underpowered for the price ‎· romanovskis
@romanovskis do you have samples of similar with better-priced or you can show better-powered with same price? or what did you want to say in the first place? ‎· silpol
samsung odroid-u3 community edition, for example. cost of more powerful board 59eur vs $500 for this one ‎· romanovskis