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Demonoid Returns, Website Now Back Online | TorrentFreak -
wait what?!!! -- "After 20 months of downtime the infamous Demonoid BitTorrent tracker has made a comeback. The tracker returned a few weeks ago, but the now the website is accessible again too. Former users are still able to use their login details, and most of the old torrents are still listed on the site." ‎· silpol
^ If I wrote the release, I'd post it under ‎· 9000
what makes me worried... what if it is honeypot? based on real login db from previous closure, I mean ‎· silpol
^this ‎· smallq
It's easy to check, right? At first try to login with wrong password. ‎· yakovis
I did it, but I don't consider *them* idiots... ‎· silpol