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"In this section you'll find a selection of completely free eBook downloads on permaculture and wider environmental topics, including the fantastic Farmers' Handbook series by Chris Evans and Jakob Jespersen, which provides a complete grounding in key permaculture techniques in a simple, easy-to-read e-book download format. On top of that, we are also offering free download copies of Gaia's Education's brilliant Four Key series, including the indispensable instruction manual for anyone looking to apply permaculture techniques to communities, Beyond You & Me, and Gaian Economics - a penetrating look at how economics can be made to work in harmony with nature, not against it. Of course, we'd also love it if you took at look at our great range of paid-for permaculture eBooks as well - we're sure you'll find something there of interest too!" ‎· silpol
Годные книжки-то? ‎· maxxt
вчера только набрел на линк, надо смотреть, надеюсь среди 36 е-буков хоть один годный будет ‎· silpol
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