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Magpie, python based replacement of Evernote | Freedif - http://freedif.org/magpie-python-based-replacement-of-evernote/
"Evernote is a very popular server to take notes, share them across all your devices but also much more. However it is difficult to trust a cloud provider or a proprietary software on what they do with your data….because you don’t know and cannot know!! They could analyse your notes and if they found “Buy milk” or “buy xxxx” they could easily sell this information to 3rd party for targeted ads. And you will receive in your mailbox, “You want to buy milk? Don’t look further and buy Cowcowmilk!” I let your imagination think of which use they could do of all your data." ‎· silpol
"Anyway, I’ve been presenting several Evernote replacement, such as Laverna and OpenNote, but I’ve never introduce Magpie." ‎· silpol
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