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Hot News App SmartNews Crosses 10 Million Downloads And Launches Globally - Forbes http://smar.ws/vH1dN #SmartNews (via http://friendfeed.com/seanmcbride/43e1704f/hot-news-app-smartnews-crosses-10-million)
"SmartNews was designed by a group of PhD mathematicians and data scientists. Its machine learning algorithms evaluate tens of millions of articles and use social signals and other factors to determine which stories are worth reading at any given time in any given location. Unlike social news aggregators like Flipboard, SmartNews doesn’t require users to connect their Twitter TWTR +6.51% or Facebook accounts. As such, it skirts the problem of the so-called filter bubble, the “personalization” of news which can lead people narrow their content choices." ‎· silpol
it turned out their Settings has own (inside application) dialogs to get access to soc.networks... Login/password for my Twitter? why not keys from my house? :-/ ‎· silpol
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