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I tell you a fun fact: I asked for a 250cl hoegaarden a week ago, at a company dinner. They made a mistake and they brought me a 500cl. I was sitting in front of our CEO, the CEO of a 200-people company. And I drunk all of that stuff ;D ‎- blaster @ localhost $
@blaster of course you had to drink. It's beer. It's not that you can waste it without being punished. ‎- sooshee
@sooshee actually I think I'm getting a promotion for this, indeed ‎- blaster @ localhost $
@blaster of course my dear. You actually demonstrated your capability to fulfill your obligations. ‎- sooshee
@blaster: how many levels of management separate you from the CEO? Let's do a quick math on what you should prepare for. ‎- псы в рапиде
;D I think less than you think, we are a pretty much horizontal company so I am at, well, 3 or 4 levels hahah ‎- blaster @ localhost $
@blaster: so it would be only 0.5 * 2^3 = 4 liters, that's within human abilities. Good luck. ‎- псы в рапиде
I'm definitely hoping in a mega mistake at the next company dinner then. I owe you one, if this works :D ‎- blaster @ localhost $