Debt Dodgers: Meet the Americans Who Moved to Europe and Went AWOL on Their Student Loans -
"Brian, 29, $40,000", "Vanessa, 29, $45,000". лузеры, объективно. я понимаю "Mario, 34 $160,000-plus in debt", но в 29 лет бежать от 40K грина, "хоботов, это мелко" ‎- right wing hug squads
I did not have a plan for paying them off, nor did I consider how I would make it work once I graduated. ... I'm sure that Germany and America have some sort of reciprocity when it comes to this kind of stuff, just like they do with taxes, but I try not to think about it. ‎- вскрыли десятки тел
Измельчал нынче студент ‎- вскрыли десятки тел
родина их всему обучила, а у них - никакой благодарности ‎- This value is required.