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Dear friends, few days ago I had a dream that Mokum needed to be shut down because Facebook CDN stopped supporting .place TLD for a very dream-plausible reason involving routing of domain names (I mean, names themselves, which again made perfect sense then). It was so convincing that I was not even mad, I just shut down the servers and woke up, and did not remember the dream. Last night I had another dream in which I remembered this incident and decided to find out if anything could be done. So I started the servers again and found out that current names routing dream-logic no longer required any third-party services, so I was happy to see that servers were running correctly. So, I guess, you can again use Mokum in dreams as well. We're sorry about this service interruption!


проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна...

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"Our service is new..." :D

 ‎· lris 20

This is the best breaking news in dream world I’ve ever received.

 ‎· Micah 3

Oh that's why I got 410 yesterday, which was very dream-plausible :P

 ‎· selamovski 4

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