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Cabo Espichel Lighthouse
antonioVi posted a photo: I love lighthouses because I started sailing a lot before GPS technology made navigation a child's game. Sailing back from Algarve, at night, it was a thrill to start noticing, appearing over the horizon, the light of Espichel, giving its short white flash every 4 seconds. At this point we knew that we still were some 26 nautical miles away from Espichel. Approaching the Cape, the light would progressively raise above the horizon,until when we had it alongside we knew that soon we would reach Lisbon. ------- Name: Cabo Espichel Light Also known as: Farol Cabo Espichel Nearest Town or City: Azóia, Portugal Location: South of Lisbon. Managing Organization: Lighthouse Service, Naval Department Tower Height: 102 Height of Focal Plane: 551 Characteristic and Range: White flash every 4 seconds, visible for 26 nautical miles. Description of Tower: White hexagonal tower with red lantern in center of rectangular keeper's dwelling. This light is operational Date... ‎· псы в рапиде
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