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Fog Horn - Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey
jerseyimage posted a photo: Fog Horn - La Corbiere Lighthouse, St. Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain Britain's first concrete lighthouse (designed by Sir John Coode) was completed in 1874. Total cost: £8,000 which included keepers' cottages shore-side. The light shows for 5 seconds in every 10, white to seaward and red along the coast to the north and to the east. It was first lit on 24 April 1874. The tower is 62ft (19m) high and the lamp 119ft (36m) above high water spring tides, thus enabling it to be seen from the horizon at 17 miles. The original bell (used prior to the fog horn) can be seen still hanging at the top of the lighthouse (directly above the window). The lighthouse is fully automated and maintained by a local government (States of Jersey) department, and not Trinity House. It is cut-off from the mainland at high-tide, and can be reached by a causeway at low-tide. Other images of this lighthouse can be seen in my photostream. (c) 2007 Jerseyimage ‎· псы в рапиде
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