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Adult male Paraphidippus aurantius Jumping Spider (With Cannibalism Video!)
Opo Terser posted a photo: Here’s a close-up of the adult male Paraphidippus aurantius jumping spider I found with abikeOdyssey last week while out macro-shooting at Red Bud Valley Nature Preserve near Catoosa, Oklahoma. The image above is actually a crop from a focus stack of 5 photos taken at about 4:1 magnification with the 28mm at f/5.6 reversed on a set of extension tubes. He was a pretty active jumper with some really impressive chelicerae and front legs. I say “he was” because he was attacked and killed shortly after the photo above was taken by the adult female Paraphidippus aurantius we found at the same location. To be clear, I took no part in his death – I obviously enjoy spiders quite a bit and would never intentionally encourage them to kill eachother. The female found and killed the male without any help from me – she was bigger, quicker, and apparently stronger than the male and seemed to have no trouble getting him. I put together a short video documenting this male P.... ‎· псы в рапиде
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