"And then their solution is actually of a similar complexity compared to what is in use by other people, because they slowly realize that what they're trying to do is actually not that simple and that other people who have done things before were not stupid and the complexity is actually necessary... " #refactoring_free_development
Usually the need to change the code stems not from the folly of the predecessors, but from changed requirements. Malleable, composable code shines at such times. ‎· 9000
(I still actually find Node a very suitable alternative to other stuff like rails, much more manageable. I would like to write more Go but I can't) ‎· blaster @ localhost $
do you find the weather to your liking, @blaster? ‎· SEND MEMES
Heh, never comment when you are awake since a couple of minutes. What I meant was: referring to the Ruby stuff mentioned here, I can say that Ruby ecosystem is *still* a big mess, and I find Nodejs solving much of these caveats ‎· blaster @ localhost $