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Я дочитал прекрасное достижение советской фантастики «Команда Меконга». По совету Чайны Мивилля из интервью виа Убс, пусть они все четверо будут здоровы.
и как? ‎· BUG: user_id=<7>
поздравляю! только, вроде, не "команда", а "экипаж"? ‎· deodan
таки команда или экипаж? ‎· фид-дот, да не тот
да, "Экипаж Меконга". Есть несколько без преувеличения энигматичных моментов. ‎· псы в рапиде
Miéville: I can’t remember exactly what brought me to it, to be perfectly honest: it was in a secondhand bookshop and I bought it because it looked like an oddity. It’s very odd in terms of the shape of its narrative; it sort of lurches, with a story within a story, including a long, extended flashback within the larger framing narrative, and it’s all wrapped up in this pulp shell. In terms of the story itself, if I recall, it was actually me who suggested it to Reza because it has loads of stuff in it about oil, plastic resins, and pipelines, and one of the characters works for an institute called the Institute of Surfaces, which deals with the weird physics and uncanny properties of surfaces and topology. Some of the flashback scenes and some of the background I’ve seen described as proto-steampunk, which I think is highly anachronistic: it’s more of an elective affinity, that, if you like retro-futurity, you might also like this. At a bare minimum, it’s a book worth reading simply because it’s very odd; at a maximum, some of the things going on it are philosophically interesting, although in a bizarre way. ‎· псы в рапиде
телки в рваных сарафанах FTW ‎· псы в рапиде
а где бы найти это интервью? ‎· Alex Kapranoff