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Ах вот о чем шла речь. Ну что же. Спасибо. ‎· Vapper Esmeralda
Развёлся? ‎· арабский хаттифнат
@agavr Завидуешь? ‎· Vapper Esmeralda
Это тред вопросов? ‎· продолжайте движение
О чем это все? ‎· angry cat swimming in floodwater
GUIL: What does it all add up to? ROS: Can't you guess? GUIL: Were you addressing me? ROS: Is there anyone else? GUIL: Who? ROS: How would I know? GUIL: Why do you ask? ROS: Are you serious? GUIL: Was that rhetoric? ROS: No. GUIL: Statement! Two-all. Game point. ROS: What's the matter with you today? GUIL: When? ROS: What? GUIL: Are you deaf? ROS: Am I dead? GUIL: Yes or no? ROS: Is there a choice? GUIL: Is there a God? ROS: Foul! No non sequiturs, three-two, one game all. ‎· liquidgold
@liquidgold Упреждающий огонь, да? Мы же просто поиграть собирались. А у кого есть чеснокодавка? ‎· Vapper Esmeralda