10 dead, 20+ injured.
Turkish media report at least 40 wounded ‎- screamager
50+ injured ‎- Erkan kovulmayaNİYETLİ
:((( ‎- Spidra Webster
"Source close to Turkish gov tells me number of dead is now 25, expected to grow. Not yet announced." ‎- hacihüsrev piremsesi
Please do not even think about visiting this wicked land. Not safe for anyone, anymore. ‎- Baytuğ Peyvan ⭐
28 dead, 60+ injured. ‎- Sets
And 60+ injured (officially) and police says ISIS did it (of course). ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
So horrible. ‎- Spidra Webster
28 dead... So sad ‎- Bay Öküz
Fuckin' shit ‎- virus
:( ‎- Jakalicius
Some sources claim that ISIS claims responsibility. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
it's pretty much like brussels attacks. the only difference is there were three seperate targets including the airport. in istanbul, there is one. the airport. ‎- dopermen
Some sources are apparently police sources. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
Oh no(( horrible ‎- ik ben jouw vader
It's not horrible, it's usual. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
It's crazy ‎- Pea Bukowski
It's Turkey. ‎- gelirdim ama delirdim ‎- fsniper
dogan news agency reports 34 dead (2 police officers) and 88 injured. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
AP says more than 50 dead ‎- dopermen
and 106 injured. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
at least 50 people died for nothing, again. now we'll sleep again, we'll wake up again, we'll be angry for a few days again, we'll say we won't forget again, we'll promise that those died won't be just numbers again and then; well, then we'll forget again. wait for it. it's sooner than everyone of us thinks. ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
31 dead, 147 injured. ‎- Sets
what the fuck ‎- Meg Vmeg
Horrible. I'm so sorry. ‎- Micah

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