Welcome to Moby-Dick GO. Your nickname is Captain Ahab.
I am Ahab? That could as well be Mastodon GO, then! ‎- SAPO!!
Captain ACAB. Fix a protestor firmly in the center of your phone screen and press handcuff icon to capture him! You can train your protestors and then pit them in fights against fellow ACABs' protestors in a local precinct. ‎- утка-компаньон
Looks like the beginning of Metal Gear Solid V ‎- blaster @ localhost $
(btw "moby" is British slang for "huge"; consider rebranding the game in UK) ‎- 9000
^ consider NOT rebranding the game for UK ‎- operazioni di FAP
^ 1-800-ISHMAEL. ‎- USS Headcannon
^ I get a fail whale if I try to message that number. ‎- Стадо овец
Assigned Hvál At Birth. ‎- алгебра смыслов

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