Project Knowledge — long texts in Mokum

Published by @squadette on 2016-05-25

Mokum allows creating separate pages for long texts.

You can use it for longreads, travel guides, knowledge bases, annotated lists of links, poetry, private notes or drafts, etc.

You can create and edit pages at Each page has URL beginning with your username, e.g.

Markdown syntax is described in many places on the Internet, see for example:

You can use all standard Mokum auto-linking features: mentioning users (@alice), auto-linking (, hashtags (#project-knowledge), subreddits (/r/mildlyinteresting), xkcd (xkcd:1683), etc. You can use “preserve newlines” checkbox to write poetry and similar texts.

Wiki pages have all the usual access rights settings: public, visible to you, “same access as your primary feed”, “same access as you private subfeed”, visible to Mokum users only, and “public but non-indexable by search engines”.

Our service is new, so a lot of things will be implemented in coming weeks: searching, WYSIWYG editor, importing MS Word and other documents, images support, texts in groups.

NB: this is not a proper “wiki” as we know it. Only you can edit your texts. There will be limited collaboration for group texts, editable by admins (and scriptors assigned by group admins).

We are looking for your feedback: you can use @project-k group (English-only), or tag your posts with #project-knowledge hashtag.