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Ok, this is really weird. I'm not even sure if this is Mokum issue or Mobile Chrome, or even my unique issue. Googling this problem is exercise in frustration. In comments form (only comments, haven't encountered this in post form) on mobile chrome sometimes when typing the entire screen is replaced with content of another Chrome tab. This is purely visual issue, typing any char, or even backspace will return things to normal. Most often this happens when you switch to another tab with some text in the form, most commonly when you want to paste some URL.

Pixel 4a, Android 11, Chrome Mobile 89.



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Плюсадин Pixel 3, Android 11, Chrome 88. I have experienced it elsewhere too but only once and I don't remember where exactly

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@squadette: I think it's very likely a chrome issue or pixel+chrome issue. However, I couldn't find a single relevant result with Google. Maybe you have an idea at least how to do that :) ?

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