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I'm having a lot of trouble posting links, it says failed/error or sometimes I have to reload page to display the embedded image then manually paste in text/link to post, the URL button doesn't work on any of my android devices. Sometimes I have had post as a comment without any image, it's the only way it'll display link I'm trying to share.
Is it just me? This has been going on for months now, hence this post. ‎· Halil
I haven't seen that recently, but it might be worth checking with one of the support/help groups? At the least, they might be able to confirm that it is an issue. ‎· Jennifer D.
This is in both my feed and mokum support group, hoping someone will get back with a reply, but if it's just me how do I resolve it? ‎· Halil
@halil: hi. sorry, missed this post of yours. Looks like it's the same problem with Android and images which other users observe (while other other users don't). I'm going to rewrite this all soon, and try again. Is the image upload working for you? ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette Thanks for reply. I haven't had any issues uploading images, just posting links etc. ‎· Halil
@halil: I've fixed something which could be related to your problems. Can you try sharing something and tell me if it works? Thanks! ‎· псы в рапиде