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ну наконец-то на празднике осени деточек оденут фруктами и овощами. #theo, похоже, будет морковкой.
сразу, конечно, вспоминается убить пересмешника: "Mrs. Grace Merriweather had composed an original pageant entitled Maycomb County: Ad Astra Per Aspera, and I was to be a ham. She thought it would be adorable if some of the children were costumed to represent the county’s agricultural products: Cecil Jacobs would be dressed up to look like a cow; Agnes Boone would make a lovely butterbean, another child would be a peanut, and on down the line until Mrs. Merriweather’s imagination and the supply of children were exhausted." ‎· nm
охренительная какая всё-таки книжка ‎· nm
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