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Disc Brakes vs. Cantilever Brakes - http://www.rodbikes.com/articles/brakes.html
"Since the (short lived) days of the U-brake I have always said "the problem with cantilevers is that they are lighter, easier to adjust, less expensive, and work better than the other types of brakes."" ‎· nm
кантилеверы, кажется, менее эффективно тормозят, чем хорошо настроенные ви-брейки. по крайней мере, застопорить колесо мне не удалось ни разу. ‎· nm
"Hydraulic disc road brakes scare the crap out of me… every hydro mtb disc brake I’ve owned has had moments of unpredictable, inconsistent braking. Can’t imagine diving into a descent on my hydro disc equipped road bike, approaching the first switchback at 40+ mph, pulling the brake levers and getting…. nada. I’ve never had my cable actuated calipers fail me. Not once. Sure I’ve had poor braking in the rain. But I know its wet and know to respond accordingly.",- пишут нам другие товарищи. ‎· não sou um robô
ну дисков-то никто и не просит. а вот клёвых вибрейков очень хочется ‎· nm