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How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves - Quartz - http://qz.com/165716/how-i-made-sure-all-12-of-my-kids-could-...
"Again, they did not have to eat it. But they got no other food until the next meal unless they ate it. We did not have snacks between meals." как я и догадывалась, только последовательность и упорство спасет этт мир. ‎- nm
фабрика такая по выращиванию детей, ох. We would set up a base camp at a site with five or six tents, and I would take all kids age 6 or older on a three- to five-day backpack trip. My wife would stay with the little ones. Remember, for 15 years, she was either pregnant or just had a baby. ‎- nm
суровый штат Юта ‎- não sou um robô
Моща. ‎- 1master
брутальненько! ‎- в электронные поля