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In US full paramedic can paralyse and intubate IF they have the consent of the doctor on the radio but not otherwise, they carry a range of drugs which can be administered by any appropriate route. EMTs cannot intubate but can use some drugs.
In the UK paramedics can only do "no drug" intubations on their own without gaining permission but cannot paralyse and ventilate without a doctor present. ‎· nm
in Japan, it seems that the paramedics cannot dispense drugs, so I was wondering. ‎· nm
Paramedic scope of practice in the US varies by state and by service, but basically all paramedics can establish IV/IO access and give meds, including at least one benzo and opioid, at protocol-defined doses before having to contact a doctor. RSI/DAI is somewhat more rare. ‎· nm
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