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Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights "An interactive documentary" https://tuinderlusten-jheronimusbosch.ntr.nl/en#
интерактивный "Сад земных наслаждений", аааааа ‎· nm
Below we see a knife that was used to peel potatoes in Bosch’s times, but may also have been used to cut off ears from thieves. Corporal punishments were quite common, and chopping off ears was reserved for incorrigible kleptomaniacs. ‎· nm
A figure is being crushed by a giant lute. On his backside we see a four-line musical staff that appears to have been tattooed into the skin. Today, musical scores are written on a five-line staff. So it’s always been a complete mystery what the musical notes on the buttocks might have sounded like. Several musical historians have attempted a transcription into modern musical notation. ‎· nm
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