Personal pronouns and adjectives are a fruitful nuisance in this language, and should have been left out. For instance, the same sound, SIE, means YOU, and it means SHE, and it means HER, and it means IT, and it means THEY, and it means THEM. Think of the ragged poverty of a language which has to make one word do the work of six -- and a poor little weak thing of only three letters at that. But mainly, think of the exasperation of never knowing which of these meanings the speaker is trying to convey. This explains why, whenever a person says SIE to me, I generally try to kill him, if a stranger.
Every noun has a gender, and there is no sense or system in the distribution; so the gender of each must be learned separately and by heart. There is no other way. To do this one has to have a memory like a memorandum-book. In German, a young lady has no sex, while a turnip has. Think what overwrought reverence that shows for the turnip, and what callous disrespect for the girl. ‎· nm
To continue with the German genders: a tree is male, its buds are female, its leaves are neuter; horses are sexless, dogs are male, cats are female -- tomcats included, of course; a person's mouth, neck, bosom, elbows, fingers, nails, feet, and body are of the male sex, and his head is male or neuter according to the word selected to signify it, and NOT according to the sex of the individual who wears it -- for in Germany all the women either male heads or sexless ones; a person's nose, lips, shoulders, breast, hands, and toes are of the female sex; and his hair, ears, eyes, chin, legs, knees, heart, and conscience haven't any sex at all. The inventor of the language probably got what he knew about a conscience from hearsay. Now, by the above dissection, the reader will see that in Germany a man may THINK he is a man, but when he comes to look into the matter closely, he is bound to have his doubts; he finds that in sober truth he is a most ridiculous mixture; and if he ends by trying to comfort himself with the thought that he can at least depend on a third of this mess as being manly and masculine, the humiliating second thought will quickly remind him that in this respect he is no better off than any woman or cow in the land. ‎· nm
и т.д. ‎· nm
пытаясь обьяснить значение какого-нибудь слова одногруппникам, автоматически говорю something like... и, натыкаясь на округлившиеся глаза, быстренько поправляюсь на etwas... потом понимаю, что они английский-то учили до девятого класса, и приоритетом была музыка. но прикольно, как срабатывает запрет на русский. ‎· nm
^ у меня постоянно сбив идет между немецким и испанским, типа «иностранный_язык_и_не_английский» может быть только один. хотя они вообще не похожи ‎· liquidgold
это уже следующий уровень! до которого я дорасту нескоро (если вообще). очень круто. ‎· nm
Хаха, в дурных снах я постоянно смешиваю 4 языка. ‎· Vapper Esmeralda
ты не считаешься ‎· nm
Вот как. ‎· Vapper Esmeralda