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на странице проекта "Педаль сцепления с реальностью" в числе прочих есть ссылка на сайт http://www.andersenwashere.com. каждый раз, когда я слышу о путешествиях Андерсена, вспоминаю историю знакомства Андерсена и Диккенса, и не могу не ржать.
краткое содержание примерно такое: "On his first visit to England in 1847, Hans Christian Andersen was overjoyed to make the acquaintance of 'the greatest writer of our time,' Charles Dickens. During the ten years following his return to Denmark, a friendly correspondence developed and culminated in his returning to England to spend five weeks as Dickens' guest at Gadshill. The visit was a failure and Dickens soon afterward broke off the correspondence" ‎· nm
Of Anderson's visit Dickens wrote, "…whenever he got to London, he got into wild entanglements of Cabs and Sherry, and never seemed to get out of them again until he came back here, and cut out paper into all sorts of patterns, and gathered the strangest little nosegays in the woods. His unintelligible vocabulary was marvelous" (Dickens, letter to William Jerdan, July 21, 1857). ‎· nm
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