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However, many southern Indian authors who use the father’s given name as a surname spell out their own given name and use the initials of the father’s given name. Thus, Chandrasekhara (father’s name) Venkata (father’s middle name) Raman (given name) is the spelledout name of physicist C V Raman (who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on scattering of light). The point to bear in mind is that Raman is the given name, not the surname. ‎· nm
If C V Raman wrote one paper using the author name C V Raman (in keeping with the practice of using the initials of the father’s given name and middle name) and another paper using the name Raman Venkata Chandrasekhara (in trying to keep with the English-language naming convention), it would appear that two authors, C V Raman and R V Chandrasekhara, have written the papers. Confusion also occurs if an author who has always used the father’s given name instead of the surname suddenly starts using the caste title or village name as the surname. To avoid problems in indexing journal articles correctly by author names and with attribution, authors should use a consistent format to write their names. ‎· nm
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