Every time I hear good new music I think about how much my late mom used to love listening. I sometimes end up thinking "mom would have loved this tune" when a track on the radio sounds like it would have been right up her alley. I don't really have anyone left in my family besides myself who's so into music as a listener. Actual mindful listening. For many of them it's background noise, something to have burbling away in the background while doing something else, something to be talked over, an ambience. More people should sit down and actually pay attention to music without distractions. It's not that difficult. Even if it means sitting up late after the kids/spouse/SO have gone to bed. So worth it.
Okay, enough of my borderline ruminating. Just go give some time to ONLY listening to music at some point in your day. It'll be a good experience. ‎· Smooth Young Priest
Bruh... I'm so with you on this. Sort of what I'm getting at with ThursdayNightMoTO. For instance that bass intro to Junior Walker's "Pucker Up Buttercup". I must have replayed that for 20 minutes. Going back and listening to familiar tunes for aspects I've missed is a favorite pastime. I just don't do enough of it. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
ThursdayNightMoTO is something I always look forward to, even if I don't get to sort through it until the next day or the weekend. Revisiting favourites or discovering new ones. :) ‎· Smooth Young Priest
:) ‎· MoTO Babycakes