The Sound - Hour of need (Rare) "fron the album Jeopardy The Sound formed in South London in 1979, shortly after a band called the Outsiders dissolved. It isnt a very well-distributed fact, ..."
Really underrated, during their (sometimes tragic) career. Can't Escape great piece of art in newwave movement developement. ‎- Ubikindred
+1 ‎- Tolgardo
One of my favorite bands ever ‎- viltrio
One of my favorite bands ever +1 (From the lion's mouth) ‎- Jannis
@ubikindred: If you like The Sound you should check another underrated post-punk band Lowlife ‎- Monteyn
muhteşem görsel. ‎- Margot ‎- gotlerden gelen bir ceku vardir
I alredy knew them, I like them a lot. Even Pink Turns Blue ‎- Ubikindred