Artist Rides Bike Around City to Create Elaborate Doodles with GPS Routes
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İlk hatırladığım örneği şuydu: "Woman runner uses Nike+ app to draw penises" Sanat gelişmiş 1,5 senede. ‎- Faruk Ahmet
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ahah tam deli adam ya ‎- yormayinbeni In the '90s, the pseudonym "Harry Kipper" was appropriated and made into a fictional character invented by the multiple-identity underground movement Luther Blissett. The story was created and propagated that Harry Kipper, a British conceptual artist, had mysteriously gone missing on the Italian-Yugoslav border whilst on a biking tour of Europe, allegedly with the intention of tracing the word Art across the continent. The target of the prank was a popular Italian family TV show with a particularly aggressive right-wing bent. Shortly before the show was to be aired, it was revealed that Kipper and Blissett never existed and the episode had to be pulled off the air to the great embarrassment of the producers. This prank served a double purpose, first it demonstrated how easily the media are manipulated, and second, it introduced Luther Blissett as a figure that lives entirely in the media space. ‎- dasnake