#saturdayff 90% of the meals I cook begin with olive oil and garlic.
That's the best way to start meals, IMHO. ‎· orgmonkey ‎· 1
And now I can't get this out of my head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB1D9wWxd2w ‎· heleninstitches
If I get a tattoo it will be the FriendFeed logo on my butt.
I'm trying not to picture SMAX's butt ‎· MoTO Babycakes
Mine will be my Friendfeed remote key. ‎· April
I don't recall seeing the FriendFeed logo. ‎· louisgray
#nosnowmageddon California in January, friends. Move here and wear t-shirts to our farmer's market where fresh-grown strawberries are for sale.
Sounds lovely. :) ‎· Jenny H.
I was in Santa Barbara last week and it was really nice indeed. ‎· hiraedd
When I was a wee lad of eight or so, my aunt Laurie and her boyfriend Simon took my brother Phil and me to Buckingham Palace to see the queen. #saturdayFf
It was dark and cold. A crowd of us gathered outside the gates. I forget what was special about this day, but a balcony appearance was promised. ‎· Stephen Mack
Sounds like something my brother would have done. ‎· April
Please keep still and only watchen astaunished the blinkenlights.
my grandfather on my mom's side was a radio engineer from the 1920s until his death in the mid-70s. he had a variation on this posted next to his pile of gear in his radio room at home where he engineered remotes for the station. ‎· Smooth Young Priest
version 2, slight edit, different tentatcles.
I made a thing.
Feedback solicited! ‎· Stephen Mack
I can't but agree. ‎· Haukr
Well then! #sinceFFdied, not too much in the last nine months has changed. Still at TiVo, still in Sunnyvale. Got back from Hawaii, took the kids to Summer camp, and Maker Faire; they're 8 and 10 now. Broke up with Mara, started going out with Minda, still not divorced, still have fifty percent custody. Ran my first half marathon. Ran the Santa Run for the fourth time (fifth place in my age group!). Lost more hair. Went dancing a few times. Fantastic burn in very strong winds, officiated a playa wedding in our camp. Later tried to go skydiving but the weather didn't cooperate.

What else? Didn't see Joey nearly enough at the burn. Met Derrick though! [EDIT: I don't mean that I met Derrick at Burning Man -- unclear writing, sorry!] ‎· Stephen Mack
It was! ‎· Stephen Mack
First blog post of the year! "But I actually think Cruz’s attack is much more insidious and divisive than most of the media coverage has discussed." http://www.zeigen.com/blog/2016/01/new-york-city-cruz-dog-whi...
get a rope ‎· Meg Vmeg