Well then! #sinceFFdied, not too much in the last nine months has changed. Still at TiVo, still in Sunnyvale. Got back from Hawaii, took the kids to Summer camp, and Maker Faire; they're 8 and 10 now. Broke up with Mara, started going out with Minda, still not divorced, still have fifty percent custody. Ran my first half marathon. Ran the Santa Run for the fourth time (fifth place in my age group!). Lost more hair. Went dancing a few times. Fantastic burn in very strong winds, officiated a playa wedding in our camp. Later tried to go skydiving but the weather didn't cooperate.

What else? Didn't see Joey nearly enough at the burn. Met Derrick though! [EDIT: I don't mean that I met Derrick at Burning Man -- unclear writing, sorry!] ‎· Stephen Mack
Overall, missed FF a LOT. ‎· Stephen Mack
Hi there, sir! ‎· SAM
Wait... what? ‎· Julian
You met Derrick at Burning Man?/ ‎· Rudibrarian
No, hung out with Derrick and Holly in San Francisco! ‎· Stephen Mack
That makes much more sense ‎· Rudibrarian
It's hard collapsing nine months into a few sentences! ‎· Stephen Mack
that was some great BBQ and great company! :) ‎· holly
It was! ‎· Stephen Mack