When I was a wee lad of eight or so, my aunt Laurie and her boyfriend Simon took my brother Phil and me to Buckingham Palace to see the queen. #saturdayFf
It was dark and cold. A crowd of us gathered outside the gates. I forget what was special about this day, but a balcony appearance was promised. ‎· Stephen Mack
The crowd grew bigger and started pushing and shoving to get closer. There was marching music but after what seemed like hours, still no queen. ‎· Stephen Mack
At some point, she appeared and waved but it was so far away I could barely see her. ‎· Stephen Mack
But the crowd kept pushing and shoving and I got scared and started crying. ‎· Stephen Mack
Eventually Simon put me on his shoulders. I'd never seen so many people. ‎· Stephen Mack
Since that day, I've always been a bit claustrophobic. Well, due to that day and another time when my friend Patrick and my brother Phil shut me in a suitcase. ‎· Stephen Mack
Anyway! God save the queen! Hi! ‎· Stephen Mack
Silver Jubliee? ‎· heleninstitches
I think you buried the lede there. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Maybe, but I remember a different parade during the day that my school went to for that. ‎· Stephen Mack
*waves my hands at Jim* It's a Shyamalan twist! ‎· Stephen Mack
It's a good story, Stephen but now I really want to hear about the suitcase incident. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Sounds exciting and a bit intimidating, Stephen! ‎· Jenny H.
Oh, the suitcase incident? Not much to tell. Age 7 or so, my brother Phil and our childhood friend Patrick (son of a colleague of my dad's who visited a lot) and I were horsing around. There was a big old suitcase, one of those '70s-style hard-cases with snaps, that was out for some reason. I was (and am) pretty flexible so I bet whether or not I could fit inside of it. They took the bet, but then closed the lid and locked it and ran away laughing. I was only in there a minute (seemed like an hour), screaming and pounding, before they let me out, but it had an effect on me. ‎· Stephen Mack
Sounds like something my brother would have done. ‎· April