Please keep still and only watchen astaunished the blinkenlights.
There was a version of this posted up in server room of the first tech company I worked for - which was the same place that had a hammer labeled "NT Repair Kit" on the build table. ‎· Jennifer D.
Hehe! That's great. I had never seen it before (it was referenced in a reddit thread about adding ing to movie titles). ‎· Stephen Mack
That was a first for me too, but I'm fluent in mock German :D ‎· Eivind
I have seen that whole mock German message in an old Windows application's Message of the Day. (Sam Spade). It's one of my favorites from that app. ‎· April
my grandfather on my mom's side was a radio engineer from the 1920s until his death in the mid-70s. he had a variation on this posted next to his pile of gear in his radio room at home where he engineered remotes for the station. ‎· Smooth Young Priest