#saturdayff 90% of the meals I cook begin with olive oil and garlic.
That's the best way to start meals, IMHO. ‎- orgmonkey
It's good for the squeedlyspooch. ‎- Eivind
How many of those just end there? ‎- plain
and onion? ‎- Sciack metallurgico
The what now, Br'er Eivind? ‎- MoTO Babycakes
The squeedlyspooch :) ‎- Eivind
What do you know? Same here! Except for the meatloaf I made last night. ‎- Bigstarlet
молекулярный механизм возни: So far I've never JUST eaten fried garlic. But I'm still young. ‎- Stephen Mack
Sciack metallurgico: Often, yes! But if I include onion, it drops down to about 40% instead of 90%. ‎- Stephen Mack
A lot of our meals begin this way, too, but it's probably more like 60-65%. :) ‎- Jenny H.
I googled "squeedlyspooch" and up popped references to Invader Zim. The side eye I had prepared for Br'er Eivind has been delayed. Though I'm not sure I've completely forgiven him... ‎- MoTO Babycakes
is there another way to begin cooking? i thought that was the only way :)))) ‎- Jasmine
oooh yes! ‎- grizabella