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Вот и с Бирмана какая-то польза бывает. Отличная ссылка на то, как гениальный Xerox PARC видел себе скроллбары, до того как пришёл Apple и всё починил: http://www.wormsandviruses.com/2014/07/its-windowful-life.html
«The Cedar Document Editor [Kiyoga?] provides vertical scroll bars to the left edge of document windows. When the cursor enters into a scroll bar, the scroll bar darkens and the cursor indicates that scrolling is available. Each of the three mouse buttons corresponds to a scrolling operation. When a mouse button is depressed, the cursor shape indicates the enabled scrolling action. When the mouse button is released, the command is invoked. Scroll up moves the line of text adjacent to the cursor to the top of the window. Scroll down moves the line of text at the top of the document window to be adjacent to the cursor. Thumb causes display of the location in the document corresponding to the vertical position of the cursor in the scroll bar. The grey rectangle indicates the location in the document which is currently visible. » ‎· (машет рукой)