Это совершенно поразительный текст: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/gods-lonely-programmer «Одинокий программер Божий»
Я просто даже не знаю. ‎· новое страшное имя её
Он про чувака, который был обычным программером и атеистом. Потом сошёл с ума, заперся дома и написал свою операционку. Считая, что это Господь ему повелел, что это будет новый Храм Соломонов. ‎· новое страшное имя её
ща накидаю цитат. это какой-то совершенно поразивший меня текст, я не знаю, что о нём можно сказать. ‎· новое страшное имя её
история совсем-совсем коротко: был обычный программер, началась паранойя, что за ним следят люди в костюмах (впоследствии говорит что «хотел участвовать в косм.программах, послал резюме в соответствующие организации — т.е. не исключено, что и правда проверяли»), сошёл с ума (диагностировано, шизофрения), сдирал одежду считая что в ней жучки, сидел в клиниках, убегал из клиник и т.п. понял, что с ним говорит Господь и что он желает чтобы был построен Храм в виде ОС, этим и занялся. ‎· новое страшное имя её
« God also told Davis that 640x480, 16-color graphics "is a covenant like circumcision," making it easier for children to make drawings for God.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«[на экране появляется] the burning bush. Before it you should praise God. You can praise Him for anything, Davis says, including sand castles, snowmen, popcorn, bubbles, isotopes, and sand crabs.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«Davis hasn't hesitated to speak to the world about God's digital temple. [... He] had a ​productive conversation with the contributors at MetaFilter, where his work was introduced as "an operating system written by a schizophrenic programmer."» ‎· новое страшное имя её
мне больше всего нравится, как он "I would like a machine with a disk controller and BIOS that used ATA/ATAPI PIO and a BIOS which also supported legacy PS/2 keyboard/mouse emulation, so I could run TempleOS natively." ‎· плот страстей человеческих
«Because Davis often communicates in blocks of text produced by his oracle, or with apparently off-topic declarations about God, he’s had accounts ​​banned from SomethingAwful and Reddit.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
Журналист: « I wanted to understand, as best I could, how he’s spent a decade as God’s lonely programmer, a voice in the wilderness shouting the good news.» — мне это очень нравится в этой статье. Видно, что он действительно, правда-правда wanted to understand (и передать читателю), how ‎· новое страшное имя её
И, вот это: «He’d grown up Catholic, but later embraced atheism. "I thought the brain was a computer," Davis says, "And so I had no need for a soul." He saw himself as a scientific materialist; he believes that metaphor—the brain as a computer—has done more to increase the number of atheists than anything by Darwin. He still considers himself scientifically minded. "Today I find the people most similar to me are atheist-scientist people," he says. "The difference is God has talked to me, so I'm basically like an atheist who God has talked to."» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«I'm basically like an atheist who God has talked to.» — строчка, достойная например Воннегута, мне кажется. ‎· новое страшное имя её
«Davis describes how that happened in a fragmentary, elliptical way, perhaps because it was such a profoundly subjective experience, or maybe because it still embarrasses him. "It’s not very flattering," he says. "It looks a lot like mental illness, as opposed to some glorious revelation from God." It was a period of tribulation, but to this day he declares, "I was being led along the path by God. It just doesn’t look very glorious."» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«Released [из психушки] after two weeks, he sought to emulate Jesus by giving away all his belongings; he donated to Goodwill, and delivered presents to his siblings’ children. He may have crossed into Mexico at some point, then had to bribe his way back across the border. He just drove, looking to street signs to divine God’s will. Later he lived on the streets.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
(про этот первый период) «"Looking back on it, I’m not especially proud of the logic and thinking. It looks very young and childish and pathetic," Davis adds.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«"From 1996 to 2003, about every six months I would have what they call a manic episode and I would end up in a mental hospital," he says. He hasn’t been to a hospital since; once diagnosed as bipolar, he’s since been declared schizophrenic. He now only takes a single medication, and shrugs off the diagnosis. The label doesn’t concern him. "For those first few years, I was genuinely pretty crazy in a way. Now I'm not. I'm crazy in a different way maybe," he says. He says he’s learned not to freak out.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
↑ нам бы всем вот это не помешало, мне кажется. ‎· новое страшное имя её
«He kept the rest of the programming simple. God told him to stick to 640x480 and 16 colors, with only a single audio voice. Like Noah, he built as he was commanded. "It’s really obvious what to do next," he says, "and it can keep you busy for the first ten years." But now he’s finished.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
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«Sometimes he seems to believe TempleOS will exist for 1,000 years, that it will be embraced and perfected by the giants of Silicon Valley, and that he will be recognized as King Solomon 2.0. Other times he seems less certain, even vulnerable to doubt.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«He talks to God constantly, and his God is conversational, even chatty.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«Terry Davis asks God about war ("Servicemen competing") and death ("awful"), about dinosaurs ("Brontosaurs' feet hurt when stepped") and His favorite video game ("Donkey Kong"). God’s favorite car is a "Beamer," and His favorite singer is Mick Jagger, though if He could sing He’d want to sound like Christopher Hall from Stabbing Westward. His favorite national anthem is Latvia’s. His favorite band is, no surprise, The Beatles, but Rush and Triumph are pretty good, too. Classical music is poison. The best thing Bill Gates could do to save lives, God says, is work on earthquake prediction. The Eleventh Commandment is "Thou shall not litter." Terry Davis tells God everything seems bad. God replies: "Plant trees."» ‎· новое страшное имя её
Журналист очень правильно, кажется, всё понимает: «After two months of emails and phone conversations, I know more than when I began; specifically, I've accumulated more raw data, more facts about his life and experience. But I suspect I've only sketched a shadow. The full reality remains unreachable, an irreducible mystery.» ‎· новое страшное имя её
Финал, два абзаца: ‎· новое страшное имя её
«One morning, Davis emailed me about this story, saying, "What people are going to read is, 'It's about a pathetic schizophrenic who made a crappy operating system.' My perspective is, 'God said I made His temple.'" It echoed something he'd written before: "I don't care much about you and your story. It's not likely to be what it actually is—world news with God claiming His temple."» ‎· новое страшное имя её
«I can't disagree. Theophany belongs to those who can see, and the rest are barred from its consolation. Davis believes he has proven he can talk to God through random numbers; he calls his parents sheep, because they cannot believe this. The word they—we—have for him is schizophrenic, and the condition is never cured, only treated. Terry Davis has offered the world a temple to a God who speaks only to him, and is and still waiting for everyone else to listen.» ‎· новое страшное имя её